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The decoration of a home is something fundamental in the well-being and balance of those who live in it. Finding items that are visually appealing and in harmony with the rest of your home décor is not an easy task. For this reason, we have developed a new range of decorative rails perfect for giving style to windows and helping to create an environment with charm and elegance.

Today, decoration is of great importance in homes around the world. Professionals in the sector try to find balance in the decorative elements to achieve a warm and sophisticated atmosphere in the homes of their clients. Curtains are no longer just the perfect solution for light or privacy, but also allow you to complement the decoration of any room in a functional and aesthetic way. This year we have developed a new range of decorative rails designed to be an ideal complement to any home.

Our new rails are made with top quality materials. They are available in different shapes and colors to be able to adapt them to any room. The standard colors available are: white, silver, stainless steel and black. These rails use the same mechanisms as our standard rails and are easy and simple to assemble. Depending on the variety of the system, they can be installed both by cord and manually. As for their fixing, it is possible to install them both on the ceiling or on the wall as required by the installation.

Functionality and design are perfectly combined to give a personal and different touch to the rooms. The high quality, the aesthetic aspect and the possibility of putting several systems on the same support are three of the characteristics that make them special and different.

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